ILC-Japan - Japan Association of High Energy Physicists


  • Framework for the ILC Technology Network

  • Proposal for the ILC Preparatory Laboratory (Pre-lab)

  • Technical Preparation and Work Packages during ILC Pre-Lab

  • Snowmass2021 Letter of Interest “Update of the Japanese Strategy for Particle Physics”

  • Recent Progress Towards the Realization of the ILC in Japan: Cooperative Efforts by Academia, Industry, and Local Region

  • Letter from the Chair of High Energy Physics Committee (HEPC) to communicate our thoughts regarding the note prepared by the Strategy Update Secretariat, “Towards an update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics” (CERN/ESG/05b)

  • A submission to the 2020 update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics “Japan’s Updated Strategy for Future Projects in Elementary Particle Physics”

  • Final report of the committee on Future Projects in High Energy Physics

  • Scientific Significance of ILC and Proposal of its Early Realization in light of the Outcomes of LHC Run 2

  • Report by the Committee on the Scientific Case of the ILC Operating at 250 GeV as a Higgs Factory

  • A Proposal for a Phased Execution of the International Linear Collider Project

  • The Final Report of the Subcommittee on Future Projects of High Energy Physics